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Retirement Guide 2019

Your Guide to a Secure Retirement

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Find out why creating a plan for your golden years requires more than saving.


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Maximizing Social Security

New retirees can claim their Social Security retirement benefits at age 62, 67, or 70, with stepped-up monthly benefit amounts at each of these age milestones. With what can often be a significant age-based variation in monthly benefit amounts, along with the important role Social Security plays in so many retirement plans, it can be challenging for many retirees to confidently decide when it’s best to make their very first Social Security claim.

Retirement Income Planning

If you can’t answer the question, “How much do I need to retire?” with confidence, you may need some help with the retirement planning process. The key to a happy, healthy, and stress-free retirement lies in comprehensive income planning. Only by getting a handle on your income needs (and, then, ensuring that you have enough sources of retirement income to meet these needs) can you finally exit the workforce for good.

Efficient Tax Planning


Efficient and effective tax planning, with an eye towards assuring a secure and comfortable retirement income, should be a prime goal for anyone who wants to enjoy those “golden years.” A stable financial future doesn’t just happen without some serious advance planning. A stress-free retirement is only possible with thoughtful attention and comprehensive advice from acknowledged experts. 

The Meridian Retirement Solutions Difference

In South Florida, Larry Goldstein is recognized as an expert in retirement and income planning, appearing on numerous media outlets and assisting Floridians achieve financial goals that many believed weren’t attainable. Larry is passionate about developing one-on-one relationships with each of his customers, about understanding exactly what they want from their investments and then helping them get there.

Residents of South Florida know that at Larry’s company in Boca Raton, Meridian Retirement Solutions, they’ll receive the same high-quality services of corporate giants in a boutique, family friendly setting. When it’s time to begin planning for retirement and restructuring an investment portfolio, turn to the expertise at Meridian Retirement Solutions and eliminate worry from your financial future.

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